Dubai, UAE: As with most creatives, I hold self expression very sacred. It is self expression that keeps me going amongst life’s various tsunamis.  I mostly express through handcrafting jewelry and writing my morning pages, but after my recent experience with holotropic breathing,  the performing artist that I have so long suppressed within myself has started to make an appearance. In a bid to discover more of that I took part in the 5 rhythms  introductory session facilitated by certified instructor Adam Barley and organized by the lovely Lina Nahhas. This was a very grounding way for me to release latent energy of a performing artist.

The experience was enlivening. The freeform dance goes through 5 steps, from Flowing to Staccato, to Chaos to Lyrical and finally ending in Stillness. The brilliant part of it was that as it is freeform, there was no organized way to dance. And no men stepping on my feet.   Unfortunately, I could not attend the two day workshop, as I was taking part in a jewelry exhibition (which had its own consequences which you can read at the Janys De jewelry blog).

Have a look at the video by Gabrielle Roth, the originator of this dance movement. It will help illustrate what I’ve described above. The video shows only part of the wave, but that’s good enough to tease your curiosity.

I have since then attended the weekly dance sessions to release pent up energy. As a writing & communications consultant, I spend most of my time is spent sitting. While I do enjoy organized dance such as the Latino aerobics, Bollywood dance or even Salsa, there are times when I don’t want to be held within the cage of exactment (healthcare and engineering specialist writing needs accuracy and it’s nice to be free from such accuracy when exercising and/or dancing – at least that’s my opinion).

Here’s to you discovering your true self.

Contact Lina at  lina.omjood AT gmail DOT com ; she organizes the sessions in Dubai and is a fabulous person to get to know. See you on the floor.

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