Dubai, 2012:  After the command from my fingers to play with the Fimo Air Dry Clay, I decided to work on my fantasy vision of a skull. No pictures, no references were used. Just my imagination. This was a case of creating in the moment. True, the brain part of the skull looks elongated etc, but perhaps I wanted to create a skull of a primate, sub consciously. Who knows?

I’m sharing with you the process of making the skull. I have used masking tape, old newspaper and then air dry clay. I am yet to finish the skull (I got derailed from the skull sculpture work many times, thanks to the inter-galactic sculptures that wanted expression. More on that, in another post).  I can either paint it, or perhaps use the decoupage technique to finish the work.

What I love about the air dry clay is that when it dries, it is next to hard. I suppose that it will not break. It is also quite light, but that is because I used light material to stuff it with. I am wondering, however, how it will handle paint and then a coat of varnish.