Dubai, UAE: So I get the invite to the Berlin Dubai Festival, and I was raring to go. The focus was mainly on fashion developments. A four day event covered various topics such as Fashion Exhibition called ‘Inspiration Berlin, followed by a panel discussion on Globalised Fashion, then a movie ‘Notebooks on Citicies and Clothes’ made in 1989. Followed by last not least, the workshop on fashion blogging by Jessica Weiss.

Unfortunately, I was down with bronchitis and doctor advised lots of rest. So even the act of just writing down anything, became such a difficult thing to do. Thankfully, I came across a video done by Shweta Dembla, featuring her interview with the Berlin based Fashion blogger Jessica Weiss.

Most people think that blogging is all about diary writing and sharing ones thoughts on the web. Not so. Some of the biggest bloggers that I follow in the Middle East and the world are blogging for money –that’s right, they have successfully transformed their blogging adventures into full time businesses. There is no such thing as luck if you are blogging just to have money in your mind. I believe that you need to be so passionate about what you are writing about, that when the going gets tough or when sickness ties you to your bed, you still have some amount of oomph in you to keep going and not giving up.

How you go about making money from your blog varies from person to person. You just have to google and find out the various ways. The Cultural Arts Travelogue, which started as a blog, has become more of a personalised experience covering a variety of creative arts and lifestyle subjects. Readers have started to get a flavour of my skills, talents and expertise and so I have now shared with them the services offered under theCAT

Without further ado, enjoy the video by Shweta Dembla.