The opinions expressed at the Travel Arts Life are strictly the author’s own.  We always ensure that any information given in the content (whether articles, photos or videos) is accurate at the time of publishing.

For most part, our travel trips, event entrance tickets, workshop attendance fees are self-funded. However, as and where we have been on press trips, either in the UAE, or abroad, our opinions remain our own, and we declare that the blog story was a result of a press trip, at the end of the blog story.

You see, we started this website because we love discovering hidden treasures in places, people and cultures. We wanted to share with you our personal experiences and unbiased opinions in the fields relevant to this website, i.e. art, handcrafts, jewelry, performing arts, culture/heritage with a travel twist. We are all for passionate living and bringing you information on what we are passionate about is our highest priority. We do the research, take photographs, do interviews and videos in our own time.  We, therefore, write with editorial authenticity, as our content should benefit you, our readers.

Which is why we have developed the following policies which this website abides by.


If we like a particular craft show or a travel destination, we will write about it in an unbiased manner.  We have complete editorial authority over the website at all times, after all we want to ensure that our readers get the best and unbiased content.

The articles are always our opinion. We like transparency with our readers.  If we endorse a product or an exhibition, it is because we actually used the product or attended the exhibition (and were impressed) and we express interest in sharing our experience about the same. Our readers can always count on receiving information that is unbiased, relevant, helpful and inspirational.

These days, we are overwhelmed with the number of invites to various events that are relevant to our website. However, it is not always possible to blog about each and ever event that we may attend. However, where possible, we do take photos to share on our social media.


At this time, we are are not open to advertisements. We also do not advertorials in any shape or form. That means, we do not write editorials that are advertorials in disguise, or publish a press release that we receive from PR agencies, as is.

Neither do we accept paid links within the articles.


In order to ensure that our content continually remains fresh and inspiring to our readers, we travel to different places and source out activities relevant to our website.

If you are a PR agency, travel/tourism bureau, cultural/arts authority or a medical travel/tourism bureau, do contact us if there is travel destination that covers topics that we focus on this website.  A review or blog story, once published on this website will always exist on this website. Moreover, readers can actually get a feel of the product, service or travel destination through our content that remain unbiased. Finally, our  content is readily found through search engines!

We reserve the right to turn down any invite if it is not relevant to our website.


Our readers can be assured that because we believe in giving you authentic and genuine information at all times, regardless of whether our trip is sponsored or not, you can expect well delivered content at all times. Wherever we have been given the trip was paid, we will disclose at the end in the article. If there is no such information in any given article, you can take it that our trip was self-funded.

Last but not least…


All information on this site is copyright. Where we have used photographs that we have not taken, we have given credit where it’s due. Please understand that it has taken a lot of time, effort, and energy to write blog posts, source ideas and research different ways of enhancing your experience in the arts or travel field. I am a professional and licenced journalist and writer and by copying my ideas, you are undermining my passion in sharing things with you. It’s ok if you want to link to a blog post, but copying content in any shape or form (whether text, video or photographs) is a definite no-no, without prior approval.

Don’t know much about copyright? Web based research will give enough information on local and international copyright laws and plagiarism.