Valentine’s Day is soon upon us. Love is in the air with romance in bloom amongst balloons, roses and candle light jazz.

Instead of taking the well known route of wishing you lots of love and happiness on Valentine’s day, I thought about blogging about war. Today’s blog post focuses on a child of war, who rose from the ashes to find strength within himself to speak about the atrocities of war, and in a bid to help his fellow country man. The war child named Emmanuel Jal, a child soldier in Sudan kissed by war time and time again and how he went to being an international hip hop star.

Listen to his interview on TED here.

You and I may never have faced wars in our lives. We may never have had to run away from our beloved motherland, leaving our belongings, family or dignity behind.

Yet, if you come to think about it, we may still have a war going on in our lives. A one that exists within ourselves, that puts us in turmoil whenever we have to make a life changing decision.

As artisans and performing artistes, we face this war within ourselves everyday. Whenever we decide to step out from our working desk, or music studio and either sell our work in an exhibition, or perform in front of an audience – there is a war raging within us. A war that is brought about by our biggest enemy, fear – that allows so much resistance to build up to keep us from achieving our goal.

Thankfully, we are also able to find the strength within ourselves to override the fear and push ahead in full throttle. Remember, it’s only small steps to victory. No need for giant leaps.

Learn from the war child, Emmanuel Jal sings, “Fall and get up.”

The beauty of life is even if you fall, the whole universe in the form of your support network helps catch you so that you bounce back with renewed strength to catch that star that belongs to you. Love yourself. Have a great Valentine’s day with yourself. And then all the love you ever want extrinsically will come to you!

Happy Valentine’s day!

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