There was a time when I used to create jewelry as a form of therapy. One could call it ‘jewelry therapy,’ a term that I have handcrafted myself.

Since Janys De has become more of a serious outlet for me as opposed to just a hobby, I have had to find alternative methods of keeping the therapeutic spirit, especially when retail therapy or spa therapy didn’t really excite me.

I started to do some amount of sketching  nature landscapes, while on holiday in the UK last year.  In the UAE, however, I have taken to drawing randomly with my left hand (I am right handed).  I recall my art therapy friends from my study days in the UK and remember my own art stint for therapy’s sake.

So whilst Janys De has become serious with lots of rules and guidelines for creating, I have to let my inner child and happy spirit  play with limitless abandon.

My first artwork for therapy’s sake is the one you see below. The beauty is that it is random, no routine thought. Just a way of getting it all out on paper. I obviously, love soft pastels, especially when I’m in my element, I tend to crush the pastels and go beserk on paper.

Art Therapy mood dated 8th February 2012. Copyright Jan D'Sa 2012

Art Therapy mood dated 8th February 2012. Copyright Jan D'Sa 2012

This drawing came about in a strange way, I worked from the right hand side of the paper towards the left side of the paper. Thus you will note a distinct difference in the mood. Whilse draw the lute, I was reminded of poet, painter and writer Rabindranath Tagor’s

If you want to know a bit about Tagore, you can read about his exhibition taking place right now at the Victoria & Albert Museum.

Whilst drawing the lute, I started to sing the song, which has the lyrics as follows (I, of course remembered my mother, because if I’m not mistaken, I learnt this song off her).

There are numerous strings in your lute, let me add my own among them. Then when you smite your chords, my heart will break its silence, and my life will be one with your song. Amidst your numberless stars let me place my own little lamp. In the dance of your festival lights my heart will throb and my life will be one with your smile.

More art therapy pictures to follow.