India, 2011: Travelling, these days, means that uploading articles and photos as well as populating my social media pages become challenging and cumbersome.  When I travel, I love to stay away from the laptop, and resort to recording my notes with just a pencil and paper. So, if you were wondering why there were no posts the last two weeks, it’s because the travel bug got me again. I should have scheduled the blog posts as per my calendar but when the travel bug bites, I forget everything except writing and going back to basics of writing minus the blackberry and the laptop.

After a lot of thinking about how I want to develop this art and travel site further, I have decide to open the floor to questions. The site attracts  many comments on various aspects of art and travel, whether it is how to learn a particular art technique, or even the business aspects of things. As a business woman, journalist, artist and entrepreneur myself, I have learnt a lot of tips and tricks of the trade from fellow business colleagues. Which brings me to ask this question.

Are you an entrepreneur who may have a question on a business aspect of selling your artwork? Are you looking for tips in a particular business aspect (perhaps marketing, perhaps financial or just a push in the right direction)? Are you a corporation looking for content development, writing in Arabic and English?

We have a strong network of colleagues who are experts in various fields related to art, travel and culture. These include management consultants, financial advisors, referral marketers, social media experts, coaches etc. We also have artists and artisans who are reputed in their given fields.  Only questions which are valid and related to this website will be answered in due course, if it serves you and our readers.

Please send in your questions through the form below or you can email us at: jan[at]writedsaign[dot]com

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