In my post of yesterday, I outlined a few tips as to what traits you need to look out for, when hiring a sales assistant to help you sell your handcrafted work.  Here are a few more.

Make sure that your assistant is willing to stand by your stall the whole day even though the footfall may be low.  

There is nothing worse than having a sales assistant complain to you the whole day that customers are not interested in your work or they are only looking for a bargain.  Remember that the last thing you need is more negative input added into your already tiring day.  

Make sure that your assistant treats your neighbouring vendors with respect.  

A few months ago, my neighbouring vendor’s obese husband decided to stand in between our stalls. There he was wedged in between our tables that I had no way of moving in and out. I had to express my unhappiness with this arrangement and he did have difficulty grasping what I was saying, and when he did, he had difficulty getting himself out of that situation.  I don’t think he was of real help to his wife either because they ended up arguing most times about how to place her products on the table.  

Make sure that your assistant is presentable and clean in appearance. 

I once hired a girl who came to the exhibition dressed inappropriately. By that I mean, her nails were different coloured, she wore sandals, and the whole outfit didn’t go with my jewellery line which is more classic and elegant. Now, I wouldn’t have minded her different coloured nails if I was showcasing a colourful, youthful collection of jewellery. I learnt a tough lesson that day. In order to prevent people from misjudging your products, do express your opinion about what your assistant should wear so that there is no misconception.  

Haven’t I learnt my lesson? 

Yes I have, I can proudly say. In one of the summer exhibitions, I asked Preeti Sankar, a friend of of a crafting colleague, if she would be interested to help me at the stall at the recent ARTE (Artisans of the Emirates souq) at the Dubai Festival City, Dubai. It was a hot sticky day, making the loading and unloading of the car quite unpleasant.  It was also a very long day, more than twelve hours of out and about. But Preeti, who was on a holiday break from University in New York, with her pleasant personality made my day less of a burden, even though it proved to be a day that was very slow in sales. This lady is studying to be a lawyer but deep in her heart is the love for graphic design and poetry. So by asking her to help me out that day, I discovered a talented, bubbly, energetic young lady, who was all smiles and is multi-talented.  

My perfect idea of someone to help me.  

Preeti Sankar, my sweet helper friend at one of the ARTE fairs.