Here is a fun video that we enjoyed creating with our favourite Dubai based handcrafted group, Artisans of the Emirates (ARTE). While we have recently not taken part to showcase our jewelry line (and we miss the fun), we are still in touch with many of the group members who make such beautiful and unique things.

While we initially joined ARTE, around 6 years ago, to showcase our jewelry work, as time went by, we realised many of our other dreams such as writing, journalism, graphic design and photography. In fact, we have resurrected another love of ours – i.e performing arts, dance and music. Videography is the latest addition to the list.  In short, we joined ARTE to display our work; but we came away with real life experiences on selling handcrafted work, being part of a team, dealing with disappointments and overcoming shyness.

We enjoyed putting various languages together in this video that say, “I love ARTE.” Thanks to Carrie Wareham, Miriam Walsh, Hayet Zerelli, Tamer Khalifa, Terhi Karpinnen, Rohini Nagu, Helen Ellinas, Alvin and Nibal for lending their voices!

Happy Valentines!