Photo of my blackberry. Photo by Flikr user bunz234

They say that when life throws lemons, make lemonade. In my case, life threw me a ‘white coloured blackberry bold 9700 purchase’ experience and I came away with some important insights about selling my handcrafted jewellery.

“How so?’ you ask. Well, while the purchase of the latest gadget in town drew a lot of oohs and aahs from friends and colleagues, all I could think about was how to sell my jewellery effectively at the next fair.  Bottom line: what impressed me most was the sales executive who took care of me and my case.

Scenario 1: I visited the Techie shop three times because I was not confident about the product that I was going to buy, even though the product was a well known product or brand

Sometimes, you will get customers who will come to your table through the day and look at your beautiful pieces of gemstone earrings, or crystallised necklaces, but are indecisive. It’s not because they are questioning how good your work is, it’s because they are not confident that they have all the information that they need. So their only way is to keep coming to your attractive display and mentally ticking off the boxes.

Apply this to the jewellery scenario: Let them be. Let them enjoy the feeling of being surrounded by delicious pieces made by your own hands, let them bask in the sun of sparkling jewellery delights. Smile and make them feel welcome.  Understand your client; some need to be left alone to decide, others need your help to decide. Take the stance that bests suits the moment and the client.

Part II – come back tomorrow!

Flickr photo by bunz234

Sterling silver cufflinks ©Janys De Couture

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