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Continued from yesterday…

Scenario 2: I was greeted by three sales executives at the Technie shop, two of them were bored to death

So obviously, I did what I felt comfortable with. I approached the sales executive who had a pleasing aura about herself.  Rachel answered each of my questions. That gave me the confidence in the product. What I liked about Rachel was that whenever she was unsure about something, she  double-checked the information with her supervisor.

Apply this to the jewellery scenario:

When selling your jewellery or standing at your stall, the least you can do is look interested. Don’t have a look that says, “Boy I don’t want to be here,” even if you don’t want to be there. In my case, the reason I don’t like standing at my stall is because I don’t like selling my jewellery, I only like to make it. However, most times I don’t have the choice or luxury to have someone sell on my behalf, so therefore I make every effort to enjoy being there, even though I know that I’m really tired of doing anything like that.

Winning Smile! Photo by Flikr user jimmiehomeschoolmom's

Another thing, put that book down. Do not sit and read a book while clients are perusing through your jewellery that you made with such great passion. If you are shy, practise some different opening lines to greet the client. Turn the smile volts on – it’s eco friendly and people friendly anyway. Finally, if you don’t know the answer – don’t be scared to admit the same.  Your clients are not there to judge you, they are there to admire your jewellery so just go with the flow.

Part III: Come back tomorrow!

Flikr photo by jimmiehomeschoolmom’s

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