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Sterling Silver Crochet Pendant, © Janys De Couture

Scenario 3: The number of questions I asked Rachel, the Techie sales girl, could have killed anyone, but not her.

Seriously, when it comes to ‘investing’ money, I need to ensure that I’m investing in the right product. Unfortunately along with that comes a barrage of questions that my mind can logically come up with.  Wouldn’t you do the same if you were had loads of options for a blackberry or an iphone?  There are too many competitors in the market and it is your right to know what product best suits your needs.

But Rachel was a saint, never did I once see her expressions palpitate  with impatience.

Apply this to the jewellery scenario:

There are times when you are selling at a fair where there are too many jewellery makers. Customers sometimes gravitate to the bargain jewellery stalls. I’ve heard many times customers tell me, “Oh, but your work is so expensive.”  The customer thinks about it in thatway, you can’t help it, so the only way that she is going to know why yours cost more is if you educate her about the high grade gemstones you are using, or whether it is sterling silver or silver plated.  In my case, I use unique weaving techniques for my jewellery work. 

So the best way to go around it is, have a story to tell. So if you are doing a particular jewellery style such as macramé or steam punk, or using special material such as resin , polymer clay, let them know! And be confident  of the product you are selling. There will always be customers who will compare you to the next door imitation jewellery, but believe in your jewellery and believe in yourself!

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