Lapiz Lazuli crochet necklace, © Janys De Couture

Continued from yesterday.

 Scenario 4: By the third day I wanted to meet with Rachel only, because I knew I could count on her knowledge as well as her pleasing personality

I mean why would I even go to another salesman if I could get what I need from her? Her patience paid off and I hope she gets a commission. As I returned home and I thought about the way this sales lady carried herself. What was it that attracted me to her service that I could apply to my selling jewellery? She knew the specifications and the basics and she had the ability to connect with me at my level of understanding. 

Apply this to the jewellery scenario:  

Knowing your product is key. After all, if you have really created the product, then you will definitely know what bead you used, the kind of stringing material or wire that you strung the crystals on. You may also have some description about the bead that you’ve used; a little information about some parts of your jewellery goes a long way. And explain this to your customer with great patience and style! Part V: Come back tomorrow!

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