Continued from yesterday. This is the final part of the series.

That's me in the background, working on a piece of jewellery, when the foot fall was quieter

Scenario 5: By the time I made the purchase, Rachel ensured that all the paperwork and a few freebies were in order, to ensure that all was in place.

I was treated like a queen, after the swiping of my credit card, and I just loved carrying that lovely packed box of my new blackberry. Oooh, don’t I feel like the geek fashionista?

Apply this to the jewellery scenario:

How often have you shoved your unique piece of handcrafted jewellery into a silly ziplock bag and handed it to the client? I remember in my early days of making jewellery, I would spend all those hours creating a unique crochet necklace, and in my naivety, I would wrap it in bubble wrap, thinking that was the best way of taking care of my jewellery pieces. Ooops, bad move!

Don’t you want your customer who has just bought you high end earrings to feel that she’s just parted with her money for a good cause? Invest some money in packaging of your product, right down to the business card and a receipt. Consider organza bags, jute bags or boxes engraved with your brand name. And if you are someone who likes making your own neat packaging, then so be it. The finishing touches are as important as is your piece of jewellery.

Just stay away from the bubble wrap.

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