Dubai, 2012 : The Scientist within me demands self-expression. No, not through research writing in healthcare and biotechnology communications (for once!).

The Scientist in me wants to create. Design. Handcraft. Paint. Sculpt. Experiment. Discover. Explore. Fall in love with magical life in all its colourful magnificence.

That’s why I started crocheting these tiny sculptural pendants. While I came up with the mini-sculptures concept in December 2011, I struggled to find a Valentine’s twist to it. It was through a conversation with a business colleague Matt Farr, who runs a company called Mountain Quests,  that I had my ‘Eureka’ moment. During a meeting with the Mountain Man (I prefer to call him the “Pahad” Man, where “Pahad” means mountain in Hindi/Nepali) I discovered out that he had a degree in Chemistry. Suddenly, I had a ‘kindred’ spirit sitting in front of me, someone who had a science background, someone who loved to discover and explore.  And suddenly, the ‘Love Potion’ pendants concept was finalised.


Each pendant that I have wire-crocheted, looks like a conical flask that a chemistry or science student would be familiar with. I finished the pendants with a hand moulded and painted clay heart and the Love Potion is ready for any scientist in love this Valentine’s Day. The smallest pendant stands at 2.5 cm tall, followed by 3.5 cm tall pendants. I have even created 5 cm mini sculptures that can sit at your table with a bunch of handmade flowers or just on their own. These are made to order as I have limited stock to showcase at the ARTE handcrafted exhibition this Friday, 10th of February, from 12pm to 7pm at Times Square. (I discovered yesterday that there is a ‘rock climbing’ area at Times Square, next to Adventure HQ. I might try it out some day, to calm the adventurous Scientist called ‘me’.)


And if you don’t favour ‘love potions’ pendants or sculptures, perhaps the “Tears of Joy” ….

… Or Flowers around your neck may be of interest (to the ladies of course!).


Coming back to my ‘Eureka’ moment at a business meeting. It is very important for creatives to find time to network. Get out of your creative shell; you never know when you will find a solution to your creative problem or who/what will inspire you to climb every mountain towards another creative peak. (Ok, I happen to be watching the Sound of Music whilst typing this and feel inspired to write about climbing mountains).

Perhaps the scientist in me yearns for a bit of fresh mountain air. And who knows another sculptural idea about to be visualised.

And here questions of type such if honestly strike me not much as I wrote everything higher. It is visible you simply you don’t want to read all this. As my parrot does.