Lost amongst the Qingshui Cliffs in Taiwan east coast, with the waves threatening to engulf me. From this experience and the pebbles on the cliffs, I went on to design some beautiful jewelry, cufflinks & art. I love Taiwan. It woke me up.



That’s me videographing how to make pineapple cake in Taiwan. Check the Vlog section to see how we did it. What fun!

Jan D’Sa is a Dubai based lifestyle writer with a gift of telling powerful stories through digital content, copywriting and magazine features. Originally from India, and raised in Abu Dhabi, she has grown to appreciate cultures, languages and traditions, which has infused in her a great love for slow and solo travel as a way of opening up new avenues, meeting interesting people and creating new adventures.

She is equipped with a Masters Degree in molecular medicine from the UK, which explains why she is always interested in medical, health and spa wellness tourism.

Her writing and photography have appeared in various publications, such as the Awakenings magazine, Jetwings magazine, FRIDAY, Global Citizen, The Indian Trumpet, International Indian, Gulf News, The Itinerant Indian (published by Unisun publications), Intelligent SME and more.

She is also a an inter-disciplinary artist and an arts experimentalist.  She brings her arts experience and her knowledge of the industry into her writing.

Apart from showcasing her arts work online and through exhibitions around the UAE, she has used arts for wellness for the purpose of creating social entrepreneurial projects. This has led her to connect with many authentic figures from all over the world, whether it is an Australian couple serving the slum community in India, or social art activists right here in the UAE.  Over the years, she has teamed up with social entrepreneurs and special needs centres around Dubai to use art as a tool for wellness on many levels.