The House of Bazaar opened it doors to the public at the Mall of the Emirates, as part of the World of Fashion 2016. Hosted by Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, the House of Bazaar piqued my interest as this was the prime place to experience a life of opulence in the area of handcrafted fashion, accessories, lifestyle, blended in with a spot of wellness.  Accompanying me to take the photos that you see below, was Sally Jane Images. Photos taken by her are marked as such.

The Fashion Dome, also called the Central Galleria, became the focal point of the House of Bazaar, as you can see in the photo below. Taking place in the afternoon, the natural light filtered through the atrium’s glass ceiling onto the House of Bazaar, bringing a feeling of a tea party in the Indian summer in the UK.  The House of Bazaar was segregated into rooms, which you can see in the photo below, each decked out in a particular particular theme. Batches of guests were ushered in to get the feeling of what was on offer in each room.  Fabrics decorating the rooms were by Maison Dar and the wallpaper was by Designers Guild.



Rooms with a view – a taste of House of Bazaar. The garden was decided with New York cafe tables with garden folding chairs arranged by Innovative Hiring Dubai.



I am in deep conversation with a fellow guest, seated in the tea garden and enjoying some canapes, before we are ushered into the House of Bazaar

The Wellness Retreat

The first room we encountered was the Wellness Retreat where Bazaars food editor, Dalia Dogmoch Soubra and Bazaar’s digital & features editor, Maddison Glendinning, greeted us. I couldn’t help but feel relaxed in this room which was tastefully decorated with green hedges. Dalia shared with us her own version of a tea which had a ginger taste to it. We also got to taste gluten free chocolate balls made by CocoJalila, which is reputed to use the highest percentage of cocoa.

Harper's Bazaar

The Wellness Retreat.



Dalia Dogmoch Soubra at the Wellness Room.



Maddison Glendinning, Bazaar’s digital & features editor.



Discussing the topic of wellness and healthy eating


House of Bazaar

Green is my thing! And the Wellness Retreat room of the House of Bazaar had it all!




The cupboard is from Marina Home Interiors.



A range of decanters by Marina Home sit peacefully at the table as Dalia demonstrates the art of green eating


House of Bazaar

Guests get busy tasting healthy delights that Dalia whipped up for them.


The Closet

Marked by luxury accessories, high end clothes, candles, jewelry, clutches and more, the Closet was a dream for every woman who has always wanted to be surrounded by colour, bling and fancy furniture to lay back dream on. While it is not possible to go through all the brands whose work was showcased, the Closet has aimed to showcase some of the best products found in boutiques in the Mall of the Emirates.

Rosemin Manji, luxury brand consultant and contribution editor of Bazaar’s Best Dress edition, and fashion & beauty director, Katie Trotter, gave us a taster of the glory of luxury living and dressing up. Here are some of the items that caught my eye. The frilly Gucci dress to the earrings by Harvey Nichools Dubai, shoes by Georgio Armani, handbags by Saint Laurent, sunglasses by Miu Miu and clutches by Amanda Navai (the list goes on). I was quite caught up by the beautiful calligraphy of the name and price tags and was to find out that it was Anam Tariq (Instagram account: Anaminksdubai) who wrote them out.








The Boudoir

The vibrant coloured walk-in wardrobe of the  Closet gave way to a chic silver room called the Boudoir, where the room was styled by Marina Home Interiors. This was a Chanel Beauty curated room and we were met by Chanel’s regional make-up ambassador Toni Malt who introduced us to the new make-up palette that was dominated by striking hues of red.  Toni shared many interesting information about the application of makeup as well as the way to use the blush brush.





The Gallery

This room was dedicated to the two art collections by Los Angeles based artist Amri H Fallah – the ‘Arrangement’ series and the ‘Collected’ series.  It was here that Harper’s Bazaar Art editor-in-chief Rebecca Proctor provided insights into the artists’ techniques. During a quick chat with the artist, I got to understand the idea behind the ‘Collected’ series of self portraits. This is where he photographed people wearing veils, covering their heads and holding things that they treasured the most before he digitalised the photographs.

I also loved the  ‘Circling the World to return to the End’ 2013, courtesy of Agata Kurzela. Note the intricate 17th century Botanical Illustrations used as collage work in the beautiful circular painting. Incidentally, the artist showcases his work at the Third Line Gallery, Dubai.







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