One of my creative awakened moments. Painting a bottle at Sofitel Downtown Dubai as part of their Bottle Art Event.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could all awaken to our inner stories of truth, authenticity and uniqueness so that we can communicate with each other in a soul-changing way? Imagine awakening our inner compass, finding our deep roots in authenticity and arising to take our rightful place so that our beautiful inner stories of captivating freedom take flight and light up the lives of those around us.

Jan’s ability to capture moments and stories of her own path and those of others has led her to work with those who want to find their roots, their brand stories, through content creation that remains true to their voice. She uses journalistic writing, copywriting, poetry, blogging, digital communications, the arts and other creative avenues to achieve this.

Her work has been published in the book called the Itinerant Indian, as well as in magazines (check published work section). She has served in the role of regional communications manager to content strategist and digital communications consultant across various organisations ranging from travel, to engineering, healthcare, culture and the arts. She has been sent to countries on press trips to boost the country exposure in print and online.

In order to put her six years of experience in marketing communications to better use and in line with her vision in digital communications, she set up her business in 2009. To know more about her communications business in the area of medical tourism, medical writing and spa wellness, arts and cultural tourism, please check her official website www.Jandsamedia.com. She is also available to undertake press trips to countries that are eager to boost their portfolio in medical tourism, spa wellness travel, eco-tourism as well as creative and arts tourism. She holds a Masters degree in Molecular Medicine from the University of Hertfordshire, UK, and has a special interest in all things nature, botany and cellular biology.