If there is one thing in the world that I am not into, it’s got to be sports and cars. I just don’t get it. Anyone with me on this?

Having said that, if there is one thing that I have learnt in 2010, is that whenever I go to events that are not something I’m passionate about, I always come away having learnt a thing or two.

I needed a break one evening last week, after long hours of working at the computer. The Abu Dhabi Motor Show was the only outing that I could think of (with a little help from a motor savvy friend).

I should have been prepared for what was to come. Instead of remaining switched off, I came alive, in the midst of excited folks and car lovers. Instead of remaining switched off, I came alive, in the midst of excited folks and car lovers. I bumped into Pankaj Dev, the founder of Auto Middle East and CEO of the advertising agency AdCom Advertising & Publishing.

What excited me were the following:

The turbo charged atmosphere

Boy, for a moment, I thought I loved cars. Their energy and excitement just got to me (in a hyperventilated, super charged way).

Colour, design and detail

Now that’s more my language. That’s what all the cars had. High polish or matte cars. I’d never seen such a landscape of cars in my life. The colour, design and finishing did get my creative juices running again but I was not ready to leave just yet.

Photography – a self discovery

I discovered that I did enjoy taking pictures. Who would have thought that I, Preethi Janice D’Sa, would enjoy taking photos of cars: the sleek ones and the ugly ones? Perhaps there is a budding photographer within me. That is something new that I’ve learnt about my self.

A great sense of fun

The Go Karting (which, needless to say, I didn’t attempt) did seem like fun. I was a passive viewer but a happy witness to happy people who had their stab at the go karting event. Just gay abandon. All of them were kids again.

A lesson for you and me:

Next time there is an event that is not really your cup of tea, I recommend you to go and try it. Go there with a friend. Be open-minded. You never know what the universe will teach you through that experience.

Life is an experience. It may be a lofty Mustang Sally type experience or a simple Volkswagon one. It could be a Mr. Bean type of mini or could be the 1980s style Chevrolet. Whatever that is, have a ride. It could be a ride to a whole new level of creativity. It could be the ride of your life. It could be THE ride that you have been waiting for.

Now, while you do that, I’ll just sit back and dream of winning one of those gorgeous cars.

Enjoy the video.