Cambridge, UK: My trip to Cambridge was quite a spontaneous one, let alone stumbling across an art and craft market. As the Culture Arts Traveller, I find each art and craft market that I visit, offers various lessons and stimulation for creativity. This market took place in the All Saints’ garden and you can see the craft tents dotting the garden.

It was a cold, rainy day in August, so I had not the chance to take pictures of each and every stall. Moreover, some handcrafted vendors didn’t want me to take photos of their stall. Fair enough – I know how they feel. As a handcrafting jewelry artist myself, I have had my own experience of having my work copied and have always felt uncomfortable if my work was photographed up close.

The All Saint’s Garden, the outdoor venue for the Cambridge Art and Craft market. Yep, it was a rainy and dismal day, but my passion for handcrafts kept me warm and on my toes taking as many photos as I could. Photo © Preethi Janice D’Sa.



Sadly, the vendor in question didn’t know what she was missing – to be a part of this article and be an inspiration to a reader of theCAT. For, those who shared, I’m grateful. So here are the photos of the various artwork.

A friend who accompanied me to the fair had a belt made, right in front of our eyes, as shown. I quite liked the agate buckle seen in the first picture. Photos © Preethi Janice D’Sa.



I also had a nice chat with Polly Basak, who made lovely mosaic pieces of work based on her time in the Middle East and her attraction to Islamic architecture which resonates with me. She encouraged me to take a look at the Leighton House Museum in London, where the owner of the house has created an Arab room complete with Moorish architecture – something that I aim to do over the next few weeks and report back with more photos.

Polly Basak, Rivera Art with her lovely handcrafted work. Photo © Preethi Janice D’Sa.


Would you believe that these are actually carved from old spoons? Jewelry by the Hairy Growing jewelry. Photo © Preethi Janice D’Sa.

Love the pot with the monkey silhouette. Photo © Preethi Janice D’Sa.

I was so busy taking photos that I forgot to buy a magnet for my magnet collection! Photo © Preethi Janice D’Sa.

Handmade candles – I’m not sure if each had a fragrance. I would have fancied some calming lavender smelling candles. Photo © Preethi Janice D’Sa.

On a rainy day, this placard that says, “Happiness is Home Grown’ was a silver lining. Photo © Preethi Janice D’Sa.