Charms are very much in fashion today. We think it is to do with the fact that a charm signifies an important aspect of who we are or a memory for who we once were.  Thanks to Aaron Basha’s charms in diamonds and precious stones, we can once again relive childhood memories. Imagine teddy bears, football, airplanes or trains, clowns and crabs – Aaron Basha’s luxurious designs in 18 kt gold and silver make life come alive. We definitely are a fan of the cute baby shoes, hanging off a chunky bracelet chain.

© Aaron Basha


The more dainty pieces from the Evil Eye collection are a must for those who fancy wearing a bunch of them. You can wear four or five together on one wrist and cool ‘n sophisticated. Enamel is a  favorite medium  on jewelry and it is one of the reasons why we like the “Evil Eye” collection. This collection has also been in the news because celebrities such as Halle Berry, Heidi Klum and Madonna and Catherine Zeta-Jones have been seen flaunting it. The beauty of this collection is that you don’t have to wear it only in the form of bracelets but you may have many  add-ons such as pins and brooches, enhancers (like lobster clasps), pins, spacers, chains, balls, diamond-studded hand and heart charms.


© Aaron Basha


Now for a bit of history on Aaron Basha – Family owned-and-operated jeweler Aaron Basha was  a pearl dealership on London’s Berkeley Square from 1906  to 1990, when it moved to Manhattan’s 680 Madison Avenue. Their products include baby shoe collection of pendants and charms and  designs and styles made from 18-karat gold, platinum, fine enamel, diamonds and  precious gems. Their collections are available in Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Harrods in London and several jewelers worldwide.

Aaron Basha



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