What is a rose with a thorn?

That’s what I thought about when I first read about Erica Roch’s recycled textile fashion work. This UK based police woman turned mixed media and textile clothing artist knows how to weave in unusual elements into her works of art. You need to see her conceptual clothing in person to gain insight that life can be beautiful even with a lot of thorns, screws, nails and wire-wool.

Erica must be one of the very few who believes in the saying, ‘waste not, want not.’ Thanks to the recycling centres based close to her home, she loves to rummage though stocks of cardboard, plastic, even lovely buttons. Her button earrings are absolutely delicious looking, very intricate work with wire and thread.

Which brings me to the core of what this blog is about. No matter where I travel, people I meet or work with, the underlining thread of thought is this: Stay true to what you really believe in. Work with passion, let your heart (or insight or gut feeling) lead you to paths that you would never think of it if you only thought about life from a logical sense.

The path may be thorny, you may get some unexciting burps and bumps along the way, but just like the rose that has thorns, it still manages to stand tall and entice it’s beholder with its luscious colour and ravishing scent.

Otherwise what would a rose be without its thorns and fragrance?

Enjoy the interview!

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