Your tummy starts to crawl within you. The headache turns into a deadly migraine.  The fear of driving suddenly grips you and you don’t want to get lost, driving to the networking event.

Ah, those familiar symptoms that most of us who don’t enjoy networking suffer from. Cold feet, clammy hands, yeah I’ve heard it all. That’s because I suffer from the same!

I nearly didn’t attend the networking event late last month. Excuses were rampant in my mind, till I sat down and chased that negative voice into nothingness. Instead, I changed the gears of my mind, saying to myself that I was going to meet some of the loveliest people at this event. I even wore one of my favourite pieces of my hand-crocheted jewellery to help me boost my confidence.

Pianist and me

Candid photo of Beverley and me at the networking event. Photo © Aziz Mahmood

By the time I mingled with the other networkers, the headache had disappeared and I was back to my lively self. In fact I reached the Meydan hotel without getting lost. Now that was a feat.  Amongst the light conversations, I couldn’t help but notice the sweet piano music wafting through the room like sweet Arabic oud fragrance.  To my surprise, it was live piano music, here at the networking event.

I had to stop networking for a while and just listen to the music. Beverley, the talented Sri Lankan pianist, played some of the most wonderful music ever.  While he sang a Japanese song, I was reminded of my childhood days when my mother taught me to play the western classical piano. I may have finished all the grades of classical piano music from the Royal School of Music, but I knew that I could never match the way Beverley played; the way his fingers fleeted along the piano keyboard was beyond words.

Beverley the Pianist

Beverley the pianist at the Dubai Meydan hotel. Photos © Aziz Mahmood

And while I stood there engulfed with this music, I had not realised that I attracted the attention of another passionate person- the man behind the camera. Aziz Mahmood, who loves taking portraiture, decided that he was going to capture a photograph which I feel is for keeps.

So in the end, did I meet like-minded people at the networking event? Those who lead passionate driven lives? You bet I did.

And I bet you will do too. The next time your tummy hurts or you break into an intolerable sweat prior to a networking event, just switch into your best gear and expect to be swept off your feet, whether it be by a passionate pianist, passionate photographer, or passionate people.

It’s all about making the connection.  A connection that social media cannot provide you with.

And here questions of type such if honestly strike me not much as I wrote everything higher. It is visible you simply you don’t want to read all this. As my parrot does.