To conclude our 4 part series on discovering luxurious treasures at the high-end jewelry exhibition in Abu Dhabi’s Emirates Palace hotel is the Lydia Courtielle collection.

Her work is in a class of its own – or rather in a “planet” of its own. With the Nine Planets Collection, you can escape into a blissful land of your own whenever you want to.

With her rare skill, Lydia Courteille has used precious stones dating back to the 16th century for Gothic creations in her Vintage Collection. She treats her creations as art even as her focus gravitates towards the flora and fauna of the forests.

Lydia Courteille, the talented lady behind the Nine Planets collection

The Rose Creations © Lydia Courteille


We had a tough time deciding whether to shrink away in horror or gravitate to the chalk-white skull smiling cheekily at us through its sun shades and a rose clenched tightly in its mouth.  This unique Lydia Courteille Creation is made of white agate, diamonds, garnets, sapphires and gold.

All Lydia Courteille jewelry pieces are put together in such a way that you feel that if you touched it, you would be transported into a different dimension.

Our favourite piece! © Lydia Courteille



The Secret Garden Collection is flush with fuchsia flowers that are miniature sculptures in themselves. Can you imagine carrying a ‘secret garden’ on your finger – a convoy of  petals and delicate sounds of the studded beetle?

Take some time to  also consider  Rose Creations. The ring is in coral, gold and black diamonds and also pink sapphire. Quite a take! The big rose creation is in gold, morganite and pink sapphires

© Lydia Courteille


Visit her website here.

Thus ends our 4 part series on the exquisite jewelry exhibition at the Emirates Palace Hotel, Abu Dhabi in March 2011. You can read Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 of the series here.


The model wears a lovely coral Lydia Courteille collection. Photo © Preethi Janice D'Sa


We couldn't help but take photos of the Lydia Courteille pieces of work both on the models and the exhibition counter behind them. Photo © Preethi Janice D'Sa


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