Dubai, 2011: There is always a surprise awaiting when one visits an art exhibition. You never know who you will meet, or what you will experience.

At Art Dubai 2011, I was searching for the lunch room. The venue for the three day exhibition was at Madinat Jumeirah – which is sometimes a maze when you are trying to get to the beach front (where the lunch room was located).

Another fellow art lover joined me in the search for the lunch room. In those two minutes, I discovered ikonoTV for the MENASA region (Middle East, North Africa, South Asia). Olivia Schofield, the Business Development Director of ikonoTV, shared with me what the concept was all about.

Photos taken at the Art Dubai 2011.


When I discovered that ikonoTV has a widget that can be placed on my site, so that people can watch their art shows, I thought that this was time to talk about what ikonoTV is all about, to my readers.

Photos taken at the Art Dubai 2011.



ikonoTV is a pioneering concept founded by Elizabeth Markevitch, who is an art professional. Elizabeth had a vision of creating a platform for art that was made accessible to a wider audience. The concept is unique, and very innovative. ikonoTV has a team of over 20 art historians, curators and film editors. In the Arab world alone, it reaches around 16.5 million people.  ikonoTV is based out of Berlin, Germany.

Photos taken at the Art Dubai 2011.


More on the TV channel. The HDTV channel has clips of art pieces, ranging from renaissance to modern contemporary. The channel collaborates with artists, art historians, editors and creative producers. They present the audience with a wide range of video art, paintings, design and architecture. These clips have no narratives running in the background, making them a unique experience, since the barrier of language has been removed. The art is showcased as it is, and its interpretation and enjoyment is up to the viewer. In this way, it provides a very pure and unbiased art experience. And what’s more, the TV channel is completely free.

For those interested in accessing  ikonoTV via Arabsat, etisalt and du, the directions are as follows:

Point your satellite dish to ArabSat BADR-5 Satellite. In order to tune in, you need an HD Satellite Receiver.
Technical specs:
* Satellite: BADR-5
* Frequency: 11785 MHz
* Polarisation: V, SR: 27500 KS/s, FEC: 3/4
Etisalat channel 484 (UAE) & du channel 410 (Dubai)
Photos taken at the Art Dubai 2011.


If you are an art blogger and would like to have videos on your site, consider adding the widget from ikonoTV. You won’t regret it.

Visit ikonoTV

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