In my world, magnets (whether glazed or matte) are a girl’s best friend, especially the cute porcelain handcrafted ones stamped with a letter of your choice. I was at Rose & Dylan, a quaint handcrafted store in St. Albans, UK, the other day when the Jo Heckett Ceramic line of letter magnets and pegs caught my eye. My fridge door back in my Dubai apartment has doubled up as a notice board complete with magnets and postcards from all over the world. And now I have a couple of the Jo Heckett letter magnets sitting smugly on the fridge. I don’t know what it is about letter magnets, they make me feel young again.
Jo Heckett with her lovely line of porcelain work

Herb labels ...Delicious looking magnets!

Jo Heckett jewelry

Off I went to meet Jo at her craft studio in Cockpits Arts Studio, London, UK. When you enter Cockpits Arts, it’s like entering a time capsule where reality stands still and creativity runs riot. The corridors are replete with various handmade works of art. I’ve not really seen this kind of handcrafted work studio in Dubai. Jo’s studio was spacious, with large windows smiling in a lot of heavy, natural sunlight (sunlight in the summer at least). The white washed walls invite a lot of clarity, and sound ideas to bounce off their walls. The  heavy duty machines that Jo uses to create her ceramic pieces of work sit in pregnant anticipation to be used.

How I envy Jo for having such a studio where she can create her lovely porcelain jewelry, letter magnets, wedding bespoke pegs and more! No need to take up the dining room and have to clean it up before lunch time, although the piece of jewelry is not finished.

Wedding bespoke magnets anyone?

In an interview, Jo shares relevant childhood memories, her love for porcelain, her educational background and the joy of gardening!  Apart from her website, you can connect with her on various social platforms, such as twitter, facebook and etsy.  I’ll leave you to watch the interview while I check out the Jo Heckett letter magnets adorning my Dubai fridge.