St. Albans, Herts, UK: It’s hard to let the fragrance of Lush products not get to you. The St. Albans store tucked into the Maltings shopping area, is placed quite strategically. Everytime I’ve walked in and then walked out, my whole self has imbibed the luscious smells of fruits and freshness that I feel the need to throw out all my deodorants and perfurmes.

The reason that Lush is featured on this website is because it is a handcrafted product. That’s what the Culture Arts Traveller loves to write about the most. Their range of cosmetics includes from soaps, shower gels, deodorizing dust powders, shampoos and more.

As with all handcrafted goods, the question of ethical sourcing is important. Lush’s bottles and jars of shampoos are hand-packed with the name of the person who has packed it on the bottle. Even their carry bags and wrappings are 100% natural; made out of recycled paper.

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The cool weather in UK dries out my skin so I decided that I would buy the clay soap which has a dual action of scrub and moisturizer. Totally loved it! Though, it was all gone by the fifth use.

Body butter, scrub, moisturizer all in one! Pumice, Charcoal and berry fragrance. Photo taken from

The other product that I’ve bought is the big blocks of natural henna that come in four different colours. Now I wasn’t game to dry the bright red colour, so I’ve gone for the black (Caca Noir) and the brown (Caca Brun) blocks and will experiment when I’m back in Dubai. I’m grateful that I’ve found a cruelty free hair dye.

The natural henna block that I’m waiting to try when I return to Dubai. Photo by

I so wanted to have a mini hand massage and foot massage done, but was really pushed for time, but you can go to their youtube channel and have a look at the various videos.

When I ran out of the clay soap, I wondered how I was going to cart more of it to the UAE. Thankfully, Lush has opened in the Dubai Mall, just last month! After the research, I was happy to find out that they also have branches at Mercato Mall and the Deira City Center. They have got a line for men too, so don’t miss it.

Have a Lushful day!

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