This blog post is in continuation to last week’s blog post on medical illustration/animation courses that you can use.

Staffordshire University, UK offers graduate and post-graduate certificates in two distinct fields- Clinical Photography and Graphic Design in Healthcare.

The University of Toronto Offers a two-year Master’s program that emphasizes on a research-based approach to evaluation and creation of visual material for medical, scientific discovery, health promotion and other purposes.

The Medical Illustration Graduate Program at the Medical College of Georgia is another renowned course, fully accredited by CAAHEP. Please get more details such as the subjects, as you have done for the previous courses.

Iowa State University, offers biological and pre-med illustration program for students at the undergraduate level. The four-year program covers several aspects pertaining to the field, including principles and techniques of biological illustration, vertebrate histology and genetics principles.

The Australian Institute of Medical and Biological Illustration (AIMBI), offers regular accredited courses as well as workshops and short courses on medical illustration.