Here is how I spent one day in March. Painting with a special needs child, as a CSR initiative of Barclays Bank, through the Zee Arts Community. There were 20 artists painting away with 20 children with disabilities on 20 paintings (hence the project name of 20/20/20) . The day started off quite foggy but melted into a hot sunny day, by which time, I was grateful to finish the painting. I did take the painting home to add details and resin that couldn’t be added at the Centre. It’s now back at the centre, awaiting the art auction that will be organised by Barclays Bank later this year.

Here are pictures of what Nazer and I co-created. Wonderful day.


The story begins here…


The story started on a cold, hazy morning. This was our view while we painted.



The blank canvas awaits. This is Nazer who like me, loves red!


The red with yellow and white made a fun colourful story. This is where the blue fireworks started on the top left corner.


The red still prevails!


Nazer paints the side in red


It is finished. Well, not quite!


Only three hours and we hadn’t finished much. At least the base was colours was finished.


The paints dry in the noon sun, before the painting comes home with me, to finish layering


Time for some decoupage and resin work…


I built on the red colour that Nazer likes. I also decoupaged music notes (see the black?).


Noir squiggles appear as I felt the need to doodle a bit and add some light detail to the fireworks base that Nazer and I already created on-site




Pointillism/Stippling is another technique that I’ve loved since childhood. It now comes onto the scene of this painting.



It’s done. Stippled flagella



Final touch is the resin and the painting is done. You need to see the painting in person to appreciate the resin.