I first started Travelartlife.com as Cultral Arts Traveogue in 2010. It was in the pre-bloggers phase at least in the UAE and my intention was to write to my hearts content about culture and arts that I experienced in several countries where I lived and have travelled. I also wanted to share my own dream journey – of exhibiting at several art exhibitions as well as writing about culture fot the UAE in international magazines.

The initial name was a tongue twister and so changing it to TAL was easy as it already gave a glimpse as to what Travel was about as well as give them a very easy account handle to follow.

While I had to discontinue blogging for several reaons many times during the past 7 years, it’s given me the opportunity to delver into what matters the most at this time for me. What is it that I’d like to see the blog give you readers when you read it.

That meant looking at whey I really wanted to blog in the first place. So , I’ve focussed on being a third culture kid reaised in the UAE as a month month old born to Indian parents. My own father having reached the shores in 1968. It’s also made me appreciate how much life has changed and the art scenes that caters to all nees and budges as well as the move towards sustainability and mental health through the influx of several sustainable artists as well as initiatives and arts for health centres including that of home grown Mawaheb, as well as local farm initiatives through Ripe. These are all good things that, in my opinion, give me a well rounded lifestyle that incorporates all the things that are vital for a creative to grow in. And so, by continuing to blog,  I hope to take you readers on how the UAE has grown from seleep vigages to the pace where people both locals and expats are change makers in every singe way possible. True, some will remain unsung heroes and others will go on to have a million followers who tune into their passion, but the game is not about numbers. It’s all about finding ways to come alive to our true potential where we have been planted. As for me, I’ve come alive in the country that gave birth to me and true I might be a second generation expat, but the reality that the country that fed be and has paved the way to where I am has all my gratitude.

And so, I blog.

This blog started off as the Cultural Arts Travelogue in 2011. It focussed very simply on my reviews on arts exhibitions and my travel stories, given my thirst for writing articles that would not necessarily fit into magazines and journals. My blog is slowly evolving into becoming a place where I have woken up to who I am, what I loved to do and doing what I’ve always dreamed off.  It is now a place (the blog and the social media platforms) where I can create daily conversations around life as a whole, whether it is travel, arts, lifestyle, wellness and beyond.  It has also become a ‘portfolio’ of my work, without my planning to, especially in the content strategy, development and execution zone.

My blog stories tend to be carefully documented and researched photo-essays of places and experiences. I believe that by discovering global landscapes in varying depths, we learn more about our inner life(e)scapes and how we can be authentic to ourselves.  That’s why I continue to blog, write, take photos and make videos, after all these years.

Intent on living a life full of purpose, I use various arts modalities apart from writing (such as painting, jewelry, cufflinks, photography and performance arts) and showcase these artforms at various exhibitions and events. My stories are inspired by travel which I use as a great tool towards helping me through my own inner journeys (the singular reason why I wrote the mini-book ‘Travel to Create, Travel to Thrive’).


Travel inspired. I created this collection of cufflinks which showcases the UK countryside. The autumn season and the spring season (not seen). This was one of the best cufflinks collection I made.


I hope to, through this blog and through my community work (more on this soon!), effect change by building connections that go beyond the physical. I hope that my blog stories inspire you to make your inner journey as dynamic as your outer journey in this world evolves. That my blog stories are powerful mini-potions to initiating change, first at personal human heart level, and then in society and community as a whole.

I remain dedicated to learning, expanding my connections, creating opportunities and serving those who need my help the most, so as to effect change at soul level.  Thank you for visiting.


One of my favourite photos from Mount Kinabalu, Malaysia. The stick you see, actually has holes on the top of it and the wind whistles through. Imagine my writing stories and poems to warm the heart on a chill, winters night (believe me, it was cold!