It all began with his facebook message, “Are you a writer?”

From that simple question arose a very interesting relationship with the man by the name of Raju Alexis, the Creative Partner of Eyespice photography, Dubai. I had my eyes set on Raju and his photography talent the day we first met off line and he showcased his work of art by the name of Dubeye.

With an MA in literature to his name, Raju’s letters to me are quite affluent that even a seasoned writer such as myself struggles to understand.  His letters have lulled me into silence and the only way to capture that silence, it seemed was his photojourney of me wearing my handcrafted jewellery from the Janys De collection.

It had been quite a while since I posed for the camera. The last time I did pose was around four years ago. I had a make up artist and a hair stylist to help sort out the best look for the shoot. This time, it was only me and the man, the camera and the humidity between us.

I believe that Raju captured various interesting aspects of who I am. While the focus was on the jewelry itself, he added his glamourous touch to the photos and the rest they say is history.  While one doesn’t have to be a professional model, I picked up some handy tips from Raju as to how people can pose in front of the camera.

1) Ensure that your body pose is always sideways. The same goes with your face. The side of your face showing one ear only is quite flattering. See this photo of me and see what I mean!

2) Your face has a better side to show off, find out if you look better from the left or right.

3) Ensure that the camera is parallel or above your face level.  Having shots taken where looking up the nose or the neck is not very flattering.

4) Stay aglow with light coming in from one side.  Light in front or behind you is not as flattering.

5)  Use a flash in bright outdoor sunlight. It will capture the highlights in your hair.

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