Dubai, UAE: When UAE Tempo magazine asked me to write for their magazine, I was touched. Our discussions led to my first article in July under the ‘Just Handcrafted’ column.

In the column, I aim to talk about various handcrafted techniques used by artists and crafters. I also love to inspire crafters who are starting out through personal empowerment. And for those who are further ahead in their creative works, I love to share my own journey in the areas of blogging, design, branding, social media (to name a few).

In August 2011, I wrote about the art of Arabic paper quillgraphy, by Farah Al Fardh. I opened doors for UAE Tempo reading handcrafters to send me their best work for feature on our facebook page.

August article for my Just Handcrafted Column, in UAE Tempo magazine

Noura heeded the request and sent me her work. I then decided to give her some limelight to her work and she has been so kind as to share about her experience. Here is what she had to share about herself and her life as a crafter (text has been edited for clarity purposes).

“I am a 20-something Emirati mother of 3 young children who are my source of inspiration. I was raised in Abu Dhabi, which is where I still live.

“My all-time favorite hobby and pastime is crochet as I love fiddling with all sorts of yarns and fibres and creating masterpieces out of them. It was during my online search for new yarn that I came across a neat quilling kit with lots of colorful paper strips. That was enough for me to get excited about.

“Coincidentally, I read about Farah Al Fardh, a fellow Emirati and accomplished quilling artist, whose work excited me about my newly found hobby. After a few You Tube tutorials, I fell in love with the versatility of these slim paper strips and the delicate movements of the fingers that produced all those beautiful, elegant rolls and scrolls.

“I got the inspiration to put together the Arabic quillgraphy project as the Holy Month of Ramadan approached last August. With riots and revolutions breaking out throughout the Middle East Region, the famine in Africa, and the desperate need for peace in the universe, certainly the word ‘Salaam’ (peace) came as the most apt subject to incorporate into my first quilling project.


'Salaam' - Arabic calligraphy by Noura Khoory. Photo supplied.



“While reading the UAE Tempo one afternoon, I was fascinated to come across Jan, the Cultural Arts Traveller’s column on Arabic quillgraphy. This was a challenge to use quilling in this form, but challenging creativity is always good. The result was this A4 size photo which was later gifted to a person who, according to me, has been an agent of change in Abu Dhabi.

“As a resident of Abu Dhabi, I am very much into arts, culture, heritage, children (!) and am inspired by multi-cultural people in general! “Just Handcrafted” column has to be one of my favorites because of Jan’s scientific/artistical resemblance to my own inclination! And certainly theCAT (Cultural Arts Travelogue) lifestyle website is bookmarked on my favorites list! It continues to motivate my right brain to push its limitations further in seeking creativity in the little things I do every day. It encompass a bit of everything beautiful in arts, culture and travel; I love the ‘eclectic’ and varied feel of its contents.”

What a powerful testimony, Noura. Thank you for sharing. It makes me feel even more encouraged to share more of what I have with creatives like you, to urge you on to be the best that you can possibly be.

You can read the October issue of my handcrafted column here.

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