Dubai, UAE: I have never met Sumayyah Al Suwaidi in person but she is all over the news nowadays. Her recent success at the Harper’s Bazaar Arabian Nights as a debut fashion designer (featuring her brand SEEN couture) compelled me to write about her. I love the innovative way she uses the Arabic letter S which is pronounced seen in Arabic, and it can be taken as ‘Being Seen’ or her letter S.

Here are some of the points that I wanted to share with you as to why I think Sumayyah features on the “Handcraft your Success’ stories at theCAT.

At the Harper's Bazaar Arabian Nights, Mall of the Emirates. Supplied photos

1) First Emirati digital female artist:

It takes loads of courage and bravery to sail on a maiden voyage especially when it is unchartered waters. Sumayyah accepted the challenge of being first on the stage to be the first digital female artist and had courage to change the digital art’s destiny.

Visit her digital art website.


SEEN Couture designs. Supplied photos.

2) An Urge to move forward:

After making a successful career in digital art she still got the urge to move forward that compelled her to become a fashion designer.  People avoid switching career for the upfront costs involved and the social pressure they face in the shape of “what people will say” fear. People will always say things because they have nothing else to do in life. It is your life so make a jump for what you want to be in life. If you have a successful web business and now you feel that you need to be a photojournalist then go for it.  In my own journey I have been a writer, artist, jewelry maker, performer, dancer, and musician. None of them destroyed me; instead they enriched my experience for where I stand now. It’s not a matter of being a Jack of all trades and a master of none. It’s about shining your own truth, not someone else’s truth.

Summayya made her leap from being a digital artist and owner of Graffika boutique, to becoming an acclaimed fashion designer behind the SEEN couture brand.

The winning photo of the award winning Sumayyah Al Suwaidi. Supplied photos

3) A True Multifaceted Personality:

From all the things I have read and heard about Sumayyah is that she exudes a sense of confidence, poise and dignity. Her craftsmanship was acclaimed by the people of Emirates who polled her to win Emirates Woman Achiever’s Award and Emirates Woman of the Year Award this year.  You can watch a video done by Dubai in a Frame.

Thank you Sumayyah for inspiring us.