Dubai, UAE:  Kevin Dean is back in town.  You may have heard of the designer behind the marble decor of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi. He is exhibiting his work which blends art and science (this time it’s botany/taxonomy) . The venue is our favourite art gallery, the Majlis gallery Bastakiya.

Kevin Dean’s work reminds me of my own stint at illustrating plants during our taxonomy studies at university.  What I enjoyed most about plants is that I was close to nature. I didn’t enjoy the dissection part of the plants, to gauge which plant family they originated from, but I enjoyed the illustration so that the rose plant looked like a plant from the Rosacea family and not from the Brassicaceae family (also known as the mustard family).

As for the Shaikh Zayed mosque is open to visitors, and if you are a resident in the UAE, please make time to see the beauty in all its grandeur.

Note the dates of the exhibition:  From oct 29th – Nov 17th 2011.

You can see more of Kevin’s work at the Majlis Gallery website.

Visit Kevin Dean‘s website for more inspiration!