St. Albans, UK: The UK trip helped me re-discover the art of spontaneous sketching. I have already showcased one such sketch at the end of the article I wrote about at the art exhibition at Tate Modern.

The clock tower at St. Albans is, for me, a gateway between the ancient Roman city and the modern metropolis. It was at this clock tower that a band of 3 musicians/dancers dressed in North American clothing played some fabulous, soothing music from the Amazon and North America.


The Clock Tower, the venue of the Bolivian mini-music concert. Photo © Preethi Janice D’Sa

I quickly learned since my Tate Modern article that music gets me into the Great Sketching Spree. The most challenging part of sketching a musician in live concern is their constant movement, both whilst playing and the expression of their faces.

I also found out, rather quickly, that my sketches made room for conversation, either with a waiter in the nearby restaurant who loves poetry and artwork, or , in this case, the lead musician who walked up to me, wondering what I was sketching.


Next to the Clock Tower, people were seated enjoying good food and music. Photo © Preethi Janice D’Sa

That’s one of the most beautiful gifts of travelling and meeting creatives from all over the world. Through the eyes of this Bolivian musician, I could feel the freshness of the Amazon jungle, and the movement of the green-ness and birds of his country.


Is this a kind of pan pipe? Photo © Preethi Janice D’Sa

Is this another kind of pan pipe? Photo © Preethi Janice D’Sa

They played an array of musical instruments, for which I have no names  – perhaps you do?



Photo © Preethi Janice D’Sa

And here is my sketch. What  inspires or moves you to express in a creative way (whether that creativity is to make a craft, to sing, to dance, to live life?)

I sketched while they performed. Photo © Preethi Janice D’Sa



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