We are once again travelling for the remainder of the month. This time we are in our own motherland – the mother that we were separated from, since birth. Incredible India, as the ad goes. If we succeed in purchasing our new digital camera on time, we are sure to bring you some great travel stories.  We do have in mind to interview some locally based jewelry designers. Fingers crossed!

Today, we leave you with a photo essay, this time on signboards photographed in St. Albans, UK.  Truth is, we love signboards. Each one is unique, some quirky, others somber, others light hearted like the sombrero hatted musician singing, Ayaiyayai.  Some of them have thought provoking taglines such as the one on Quench, satisfy the thirst for truth.

What is the one thing that you would like to quench your thirst for, this year, 2011? Is it a long lost dream? Is it a road to self-discovery? If yes, what sign boards can you envision waiting to show you the way?

For us, it is discovering our roots in the lovely city of Mangalore, India as well as thirsting to travel to other parts of India where diversity of culture, colours and creativity linger like the fragrance of incense burning by candle light.

Do share with us what the signboards for your life are this year. We would love to hear from you!

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