We love art in all its shapes, forms, themes and surpassing culture.  We also love video blogging and today we present one done at one of the Woman2Woman events in Dubai.

Zareen & Merciana, founders of Woman2Woman; © Preethi Janice D'Sa

And yes, after positive criticism from some of our readers for our impromptu video blog on the Abu Dhabi Automobile show, we are fine-tuning our skills of video blogging. Beware, though, if you have your sound system up loud – there is a lot of background noise in this video while the interviews took place. We promise you that a suitable microphone will be used next time round.  We are learning! Perhaps, Zainab Malubhai, one of Woman2Woman members, photographer and film maker may give us some tips to get our video blogs more polished.

Zainab Malubhai - Photographer & Film maker, photo © Zainab Malubhai

Enjoy the lovely work done by talented Dubai based artists and a little tête a tête with the co-founders of Woman2Woman, Zareen Khan, as well as interviews with artists Pari Sagar and Nupur Ahooja.

More on woman2woman can be found here

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