Dubai, UAE: It’s just as well that I’ve moved homes and live within walking distance to the Mall of the Emirates. Whenever I want to seek artistic inspiration within the A/C containment of the mall, I know exactly where to head (the pre-summer sweltering temperatures do not give me the option of walking in the park). It would be Level 1 of the Mall, inside the Home Design store and towards the Zen Interiors newly launch Galeri collection.

Patrick van Ijzendoorn and Merete Broen, Owners of Zen Interiors. Photos © Zen Interiors

I may have missed the launch of this premium furniture collection that happened late May 2011, but I know the kind of furniture that Zen Interiors design and that’s why I felt it was deserving of an article on this website. I’ve been previously invited to Zen Interior’s Home Office in Barsha by the Owners of Zen Interiors – husband-wife duo, Patrick van Ijzendoorn and Merete Broen and have been witness to some of the most awesome, comfortable furniture that one should expect in one’s home.In fact, I clearly remember that the rug which was made from sustainable material was so soft at my feet, I actually decided to sit on it. It felt like a magic carpet, a fluffy cloud that Princess Jasmine of Alladin fame may have once used. The lady in the photo below knows what I mean!

Photos © Zen Interiors



Patrick van Ijzendoorn updated me on the Galeri collection which according to him, ‘Signifies an entry into the designer luxury market and noted for its premium craftsmanship blended with classic styling. Clients desire to have premium furniture that will also have more value and are longer lasting.”

Photos © Zen Interiors



The Galeri collection is made of four design palettes, namely Warner, Hemsley, Meyer and Cole. If you want more of an antiqued mirrored glass effect, Warner design is the one for you.  The Hemsley design has more of a feminine grace, inspiration derived from Parisian living and Lealia flower. The Hemsley collection sounds so heavenly – the idea of blending ideas from plant and flora life into furniture is quite intriguing. Considering that I am returning to one of my first loves (i.e art and illustration with a focus on flora and fauna), I know that I will head towards Zen Interiors at the Mall of the Emirates.

Photos © Zen Interiors


To see more of the residential furniture that Zen Interiors offer and feel interior design in your body, mind and soul, visit their website.



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