When the tsunami raised its ugly head in Thailand, back in 2004, Debbie Nichol was rooted in her hotel hut. When it spoke in its unprecedent fury, all she could do was stand and see the world change in front of her. Earlier that day, she was meant to take a tuk tuk with a set of friends to go out for an evening trip. However, something told her to return to her hut. It seemed like coincidence that she had been upgraded to the highest hut in that hotel where she stayed at. She remembers that had she decided to go against her gut feeling of staying back, she would not be here to be witness to the life that she now lives in connectedness.

The author of Travelling Embers shared with me at a tête-à-tête, “I remember returning to my hotel hut after listening to my gut feeling when I heard a very strange noise- one of gigantic proportions but one that I never heard before.

The nearest I could describe is the sea being swallowed in with a noisy slurp. I looked out of my window and I just couldn’t believe the sea being sucked into nothingness, leaving in its path debris and then it would surge ahead. Everytime the sea drained away, it came back bigger and more dangerous. All this happened in 5 seconds. One moment I was standing with the camera in my hand and in a blink of an eye, the lower tiers of my hotel were washed away. And the sea returned to normal.”

I first met Debbie at the Law of Attraction group Dubai hosted by life coach Lucy Mackintosh. Debbie Nicol had been invited to talk about connectedness.

Debbie Nicol - Connectedness results in Becoming and Being

I’ve heard of connectivity and connection, but not connected-ness. According to the English language, ‘connectedness’ as a noun is rare.  That’s what got me even more curious. In my research to find out more about connected-ness, I came across an essay by Dr Edward Hallowell which defines connect-ness as below:

“What is connectedness?  It is a sense of being a part of something larger than oneself.  It is a sense of belonging, or a sense of accompaniment.  It is that feeling in your  bones that you are not alone.  It is a sense that, no matter how scary things may become, there is a hand for you in the dark.  While ambition drives us to achieve, connectedness is my word for the force that urges us to ally, to affiliate, to enter into mutual relationships, to take strength and to grow through cooperative behavior.”

I believe that ‘connected-ness’ is very important in the circle of life in order to create effectively, whether that be a beautiful handicraft, a business concept, or an honest relationship. I asked Debbie if being connected to her higher self has always been a part of her life.

Like many of us at some point in our lives, staying in tune with her gut feeling was not always a part of Debbie’s life. Living a highly stressful corporate life that played havoc on her health, Debbie didn’t listen to her connectedness that shouted to her, to stop and take control – she ended up shattered, drained, completely worn off.

Debbie Nicol seen at the LOA Dubai seminar, organised by Lucy Mackintosh

How many times have we done this to ourselves? Our gut feeling or intuition warns us to either slow down, to take this route and not the other and we still persist in working against it. Debbie shares, “The worse thing that happens is the more you ignore the route you are meant to take, it comes back bigger and louder and more disastrous, just like the tsunami wave did, the next wave bigger and more dangerous than the previous one.”

Debbie wrote the book, the travelling embers, as a celebration of the various times she listened to the insights, connected with her inner person so that, “I could come to the state of just becoming and being through continuous reflecting, connection, collaboration and innovation.”

So, today when the world speaks to you, will you listen to what it says? If your answer is yes, what will you hear and how you will abide by its truth is for you to decide. It may be 10-10-10 at 10am or 10-10-10 at 10pm. The time is now.

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