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Iraqi themed artwork rocks Abu Dhabi

BY Jan DSa, October 4th, 2010

The first time I ever saw Fahima Fattah’s work at the Sheraton Abu Dhabi exhibition, I knew I had to write about her life and her artwork for the Gulf News FRIDAY magazine. One year down the line, I still cannot get enough of her artwork. 

Fahima, an Iraqi born Canadian, now settled in Abu Dhabi with her husband is a woman of such charisma that it shows in her artwork. I love the way she uses pieces of wood to paint in acrylic. I am someone who likes to be witness to the ever transforming work of artisans. And Fahima definitely falls in this category. No wonder then, that I’m attracted to her work time and time again.  Fahima has taken part in many art exhibitions around Abu Dhabi and Dubai, interviewed for various magazines and also on TV.  According to me, her artwork is a permanent and beautiful facet to the multi-cultural art scene in the UAE. 

I recently caught sight of a series of her artwork where the delicate feminine figures come alive, swaying like luscious palm trees in a desert stricken land. I once again gave in a 


nd interviewed Fahima at one of the handicraft fairs that she takes part in (i.e. ARTE, Artisans of the Emirates) (this time in Arabic).  The transcript of this interview is available in English. 


Transcript of the interview: 

“Culture, Beauty, and nature are the back bone of my paintings. I transfer these components to colourful paintings which gives me future hope to my original country Iraq.   

I started painting as a hobby and then I succeeded with my family and friend’s encouragement in turning this hobby into realty and it became my full time job.


 Here in Abu Dhabi I participated in a number of art exhibitions like Qibab Gallery, Ghf Gallery and others. In Dubai I am a regular member of ARTE organization which cares about art and talented people and gives me the opportunity to meet artistic people, exchanging ideas and presenting my work to them, al of which aim to achieve an outstanding level in presenting art works to people. 

 I have reached a stage where I cannot imagine my life without painting.” 

 You can visit Fahima’s website on or email her at ffattah (AT) gmail (DOT) com 


2 Responses to “Iraqi themed artwork rocks Abu Dhabi”
  1. Fahima says:

    Dear Jan,

    For all that you do & for all that you are..!
    Thank you….
    Hard work pays off..!!
    And you have proved it..good going and wishing you all the best..
    Many congratulations ..

    Fahima Fattah

  2. NADA ALKAISI says:

    Great post, very unique painting and well presented interview. Congrats on your success and keep up the good work.

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