Dubai 2012:  Whenever I get the chance to do a creative workshop to stimulate the ‘grey cells’ (as Hercule Poirot would say), you will find me there. This time I found myself signing up at the Decoupage workshop at the Garden Bazaar in Al Khwaneej, Dubai.

Garden Bazzar was founded and is run by two Emirati ladies. Shurooq Al Midfa is the founder of My Lavender Home (based in Dubai) while Noora Al Mazroui is the Founder of Simply For U Gift Shop based in Sharjah. 7days newspaper wrote an interesting article on both these Emirati entrepreneurs.

I got to see quite a few of my fellow artisans showcasing their work. While photos are not available of the artisans themselves, I was given the liberty to photograph the various stages of the Decoupage workshop, held by Sherinka.

A bit of Sherinka. She is an interior designer by profession, but loves teaching creative workshops. She does have a flair for teaching, I must say. She had great patience with the students and was very methodical in the way she taught. I’m pleased I got the chance to try my hand at decoupage, as I do have plans to start incorporating this technique into my own work at Janys De.

Visit Sherinka‘s facebook page.

The steps are shown below in a pictorial manner.