Dubai, 2011: Finally, we are nearing the end of our series of posts in relation to the Art Dubai that took place in March 2011.  The video edits took a long time, but we are nearly there.

Frey Norris Modern and Contemporary Gallery is based out of California, United States. They showcase contemporary and modern art. At the Dubai Art Exhibition 2011, Frey Norris was represented by two artists, Tomokasyu Matsuyama from Japan and Shirin Gergis, who is Egyptian.

The exhibit by Frey Norris had two paintings and a 3D sculpture by Shirin. A bit on Shirin. Born in Cairo, where she lived for some time before moving to San Francisco. Her work depicts the chaos of Cairo, reflected in the medium  and the design. The theme she has focused on is the divider used by Egyptians to segregate the room for men and women.

The sculpture, on the other hand, made out of plywood, has the intricate design of the dividers, and its shape is very reminiscent of the atom bomb explosion. As 3D sculptures go, this one was exquisite.

Wendy Norris, co-owner of the gallery, was happy to share some thoughts on Shirin’s work and of the Art Dubai experience as well.

Here is another video done by Art Dubai, on Raman Frey, the other co-owner of the art gallery.

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