Dubai, 2011: This is the last video podcast on art from the Art Dubai dream that happened in March 2011.  This video podcast features the October Gallery from London, UK.

The installation art piece made by El Anatsui out of bottle caps was unbelievable.  Imagine, thousands of bottle caps, cut and molded and stitched together using copper wire, into what seems like one giant yardage of cloth.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo of it, but you can watch it on the video. El is an artist from Ghana but is currently a professor at the University of Nigeria.


Here is the video. Thanks to Gerard Houghton for the interview. He described El’s work real well!

El was just one of the artists whose work was exhibited at the Art Dubai 2011. Amongst the work brought by October Gallery were works by artists from the Middle East, North Africa, England and even Japan! The art Dubai site covers the October Gallery’s work as well.

You can also watch the video done by Art Dubai on the October Gallery to gain another perspective of the work of the artists.

October Gallery from Art Dubai on Vimeo.

For further read, visit October Gallery.

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