Dubai, 2011: This is the last art video from Art Dubai 2011.  Gallerie Nathalie Obadia was founded in 1993 in Paris, and in 2008, it opened a branch in Brussels. The work of its artists is what I would like to call the perfect mix of mysticism and allure.

Here is our video on the gallery.

As we walked through the Nathalie Obadia art gallery section, a few pieces caught our eye. Joana Vasconcelos’ imagery is unique and beautiful. Her work is mainly with textiles, and on display was a very fascinating sculpture made with multi colored crochet fabric.

Rina Banerjee, on the other hand, had on display sculptures that looked so very intriguing. Made with mixed mediums using glass, feathers and fabric, the two bird sculptures on display caught the eye immediately. She incorporated in her work a very delicate and fine mix of contemporary elements with elements from her native country, India.

Here is Art Dubai’s interview on Gallerie Nathalie Obadia.

Galerie Nathalie Obadia from Art Dubai on Vimeo.

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