Dubai, 2011: I reached Bastakiya at 8 am and ready to set up my stand. It takes me 2 hours to set up, if I want to set it up right. It’s not about just the jewelry making and the accessories. It’s also about presentation.  I have written about Majlis Gallery here.

The other reason I take so long to prepare the presentation as well is that I use it as a mindful meditation process. Google ‘mindful meditation’ if you don’t know what it is. It’s a ‘power of now’ that I use when I create and when I set up my stall. I hate arriving half hour before the exhibition starts and be in such a frenzy that I affect the other vendors due to my negative energy and vibrations. In fact, 3 vendors didn’t turn up. So I was allowed to take on another table and showcase my work there, so in the end I had 2 tables with different setup.

The reason I started a blog for my handcraft is not because I have nothing to do in life, besides running 2 other online portals, the Cultural Arts Travelogue as well as my Dubai based writing business. Not to forget attending my weekly Referrals for Life ‘plus‘ community sessions and meeting clients.

The reason that I started the Janys De Discourse section on this website itself is to record my hands on adventures in creating, designing as well as learning and improving. Of course, sharing information with all of you is as important as well. I also have people who want to subscribe to a Janys De newsletter, but I didn’t have one. So that has already been set up so that those who prefer to receive a newsletter in your mail box instead of subscribing to facebook or twitter, then this blog-newsletter has been done especially for you.

So here are some photos related to the Majlis Gallery fair of November 2011, to jump start the blog and the newsletter.

And here questions of type such if honestly strike me not much as I wrote everything higher. It is visible you simply you don’t want to read all this. As my parrot does.