Abu Dhabi, UAE:  I came across the poem that I had written as part of John Fox‘s workshop on Poetry Therapy early this year. it was based on his own poem named ‘When Someone deeply listens to you.’   He encouraged the attendees to write their own poem based on his poem, with an alternative beginning to the poem called, “When you deeply listens to me.” I was one of the three who got the chance to share my poem. Oh, how I love writing spontaneous poems. Reminds me of my teens when I started writing through endless pages of poetry!


Here’s the poem. © Jan D’Sa

When you deeply listen to me,

The galaxies align in harmony.

Shooting starts celebrate the moment.


When you deeply listen to me,

It feels like the blissful union of our souls –

A physicalisty that knows no substance.

The meeting of dying embers

That suddenly saw the light of day


When you deeply listen to me,

I fall asleep knowing I am loved,

More than words can say.