September, 1997. That’s thirteen years ago when I graduated from the University of Hertfordshire, UK. While I studied at the Hatfield University (the biosciences department was my home!), the graduation ceremony was held at the St. Albans Cathedral.

September 2010 found me standing at the Cathedral doors quite by accident.

St Albans Cathedral.

I’d let such a milestone in my life to completely wash over me and be frozen with the onset of time.  It was certainly a walk down memory lane and thankfully the lane from the cathedral to the River Ver and the Verulaminium Park was still intact and surrounded by lush trees still untouched by the kiss of autumn, and the lush snow-like clouds wafting above me.

The bench sits in front of a real Roman wall.

The swan as always caught my eye. I remembered the last time I was here at the Lake, it was with a group of University colleagues turned friends. At the time, digital camera must have still been in the making but I had some interesting photos taken at the time. There was one where I tried to re-live a childhood experience by climbing up an old rickety tree, and grinning like no one’s monkey business.

The swan at the Lake.

But for now, life is so much easier with a digital camera where you can eliminate a mistake. Not so with the manually operated cameras. Sometimes I wish that our lives were a bit like a digital camera, where we could eliminate that unnecessary albeit unconsciously made mistakes and have a picture perfect life.

Point is, how much fun would it be if life were all perfect?

The head of the St Albans Cathedral. Note the old couple.

The old couple reminds me that age is inevitable. It may not be picture perfect, but it still has its own beauty

And here questions of type such if honestly strike me not much as I wrote everything higher. It is visible you simply you don’t want to read all this. As my parrot does.