Jacqueline Pretty with the aqua-woggles, just before her aquacise class. Photos © Jackie


Has any of you had a near drowning experience as a child? Any non swimmers who love the water but cannot swim in the pool on their own? Well, then you are not alone.

I yearned for the day when I would be able to swim in the deep water, after a near drowning experience at the age of 10. But one day turned out to be 1 x 25 x 365 days equals… Wow, the resulting number of days was a ghastly beast of a number. A huge chunk off my life.

After 25 years (9125 days) of lounging at the fringes of the swimming pool, I finally got over my fear of drowning and took the plunge at the deep end. Literally.  

Thanks to the woggle. No, not the wiggle, but woggle – a fluorescent type foam sausage that helps keep you afloat when you are in the pool.  With the aqua-woggle, under the watchful eye of the Jacqueline Pretty (the woman behind Jacquacise –Aquafit programme), and my ‘support’ network of swimmer-students, I was safe.

Apart from keeping you afloat in the pool, this foamy piece of ‘technology’ helps you balance enough to get a great work out in the pool. In fact, the workout with the woggle is a safe one and can used by non swimmers to pregnant women to the ace!

Smiling teacher, smiling students – it’s success all the way


Jackie shared her own personal story that resonated with my struggles at the pool. “I think I was about 8 years old. I was in Buckley Baths in North Wales where I just fell into the deep end. Thankfully I was pulled out quickly by my mother, but by then the damage was done. I was petrified of the water. Every time I went chest deep into any pool I had panic attacks and couldn’t breath.”

Teenage life saw Jacqui as a regular swimmer at the local swimming pool. “I loved it so much I went on to do Personal Survival, assistant swimming teacher and obtained my pool lifeguard Bronze Medallion and became a pool life guard!

“I learnt that no matter what life throws at you, and whatever you fear cripples, you can always overcome it and even excel at the activity that created your fear in the first place. You can turn your negative experience into a positive one, with determination and a positive mental attitude nothing is insurmountable!

So are you passionate about something that you want to devote your whole life to, but you are afraid. Don’t worry, it’s not the end. With a bit of inspiration, motivation and lots of support you can do what you want to achieve in life. Just overcome your fear and move on!

As for my fear of swimming? It’s back to joining Jackie’s class and making the most use of the pool, getting a smashing workout and getting used to my feet not touching the swimming pool floor.

I’m loving it!

A combination of the woggle and foamy weights makes a workout worth it!


For more information on how to use the woggle, its health benefits and to enjoy the ultimate Jacquacise-Aquafit programme, please Visit JacquiCise website and become a facebook fan of JacquiCise. Believe me, with Jackie around, you will deal with your fear of drowning in a jiffy, while working on your wiggle by using the woggle.

The next blog post will look at the health benefits of aqua-exercise with a few surprise guests!