Here is another photo essay from one of my travels, to celebrate the flourish of colours that are on display at the market place on Peters Street, St. Albans, Herts, UK. I visited it on a Saturday and the roads were flooded with people making the best of the weekend and a rather lovely summer day in September. Even the ugly looking gnarled cereliac made its way into my photos, after all photo essays are meant to be interesting and this is one of them.

You get to see one and all sell their wares, the florists, the fish mongers, jewellery designers, incense and soap sellers, shoe makers, fruits and vegetables stall – fresh produce is boasted. Even the sign that says that these are raised whole foods. For most part it felt like I was in a BNI networking group, where each stall sold per category. Wonder what Dr. Ivan Misner would have to say of such a local BNI (Business Networking International) networking group happening right on the streets of such a beautiful Herts town? In all my wisdom from listening to his podcasts, I tried to identify the ‘wedding mafia’ type power teams!

Market places have always been my source of inspiration since the very beginning. The mind is allowed to wander to the smells, fragrances, aromas of flowers, fish, grilled burgers, handmade soaps. The list goes on. The key for any artisan or artiste is to view the market place with a fresh perspective and with an open mind. And then you may find not only new ideas but new friends and even new hobbies. In my case, I realised that I loved capturing the vivid colours of the market place through photography. Perhaps photo-journalism may be the next step for me. What would be yours?