Dubai, UAE: Before the Aquarium installation conceptualised by noted Brazilian painter Beatriz Milhazes made its way to Art Dubai this year, it was showcased at Art Basel Miami Beach in December 2011. In fact, the Fondation Cartier pour l’Art Contemporain commissioned Beatriz to come up with such a wild mobile installation concept, which was then crafted by the Ateliers Cartier.  The Aquarium is makes one quite dizzy with the vibrant colours, the crystals, pearls and precious stones that time stands still while the installation moves gently in the surrounding air. 

The installation was tucked behind the Cartier’s Naturellement exhibition, a quiet place to meditate on the magnificence of this installation. For those who like mega-bling things and are bead-crazy, the photos below capture the essence of our crazy bead and stone delights. Perhaps one day, when I visit Rio de Janiero, where the artist is based and where the Head of the Fondation Cartier discovered her in 2009, I might get a chance to interview her. Or better still, create a mini-documentary as she creates her amazing handcrafted pieces.

Truly, high end handcrafted work at its best.





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